AMCO Manufacturing, Inc. was organized in October 1947 as Alexander Manufacturing Company by William A. Alexander in Picayune, Mississippi. The product line then was made up mainly by one model, a 3-point hitch 8-blade reversible Bush & Bog for Ford Motor Company. Other 3-point hitch models followed - tandems, fold-overs, lift offsets & drag tandems.

    The company changed ownership in the early 50's and began expanding its sales territories and its product line. During this period we were pioneers in developing agricultural anti-friction bearings, especially the triple lip sealed and regreasable ball bearings. We also developed the Protect-O-Shield bearing assembly which allowed us to be the first to offer a two year warranty on this bearing system.

    It became obvious we needed to expand our facilities and move closer to our direct customers. In June 1963 we moved into new facilities in Yazoo City, Mississippi, where we developed some new and innovative tillage equipment. We also had the capacity to do some outside fabrication as we still do.

    Then in 1969 the company changed ownership again. This time Dynamics Corporation of America purchased us. We were in DCA's farm equipment division, consisting of three farm machinery manufacturing facilities - Glencoe Manufacturing of Glencoe, Minnesota; Portable Elevator of Bloomington, Illinois; and AMCO Manufacturing of Yazoo City, Mississippi. In the early 80's when the farm economy turned down, DCA began looking for ways to get out of the farm equipment manufacturing business. Finally in 1988 after closing the Portable Elevator Division and selling the Glencoe business to Farm Hand, they brought AMCO Manufacturing to liquidation. It was at this point we were able to buy the business with some inventory and reorganize under local private ownership as AMCO Manufacturing, Inc. Under the leadership of the new owners and the experienced management, we have become a viable producer of quality farm equipment.

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    AMCO Manufacturing, Inc. is located in the Industrial Park in Yazoo City, Mississippi which is less than fifty miles Northeast of Jackson, Mississippi (the capital of the state).

    AMCO Manufacturing, Inc. produces a wide range of primary tillage implements and farm equipment that have been engineered and designed for the agricultural, farming, wildlife, forest and construction industry. Our staff has many years of experience in the jobs and duties that they perform everyday. We are committed to the needs of our customers and strive to improve their productivity. Quality products mean very little without courteous service.

    We offer to our customers: quality, value, durability, convenience and performance in all our products and services.

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