Amco's F-17B Double Offset Tandem Disc Harrows are proven tough!
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AMCO's Model F-17B double offset tandem disk harrows range in size from 9'3" to 16'6" and are ideal for use with tractors ranging from 50 to 130 horsepower.

These dependable double offset harrows weigh from 296 to 337 pounds per cutting foot and are available in 9'3", 10'6", 12'0", 13'6", 15'0" and 16'6" models.

Built AMCO tough, the Model F17B double offsets have the same quality features you expect from AMCO implements. Depending upon size, the Model F-17B is equipped with eight or twelve regreasable ball type, toggle-mounted bearings featuring AMCO's Protect-O-Shield; 1-1/2" square, high-carbon, cold rolled steel axles; reversible clevis and heavy-duty scrapers with high-carbon replaceable blades. The Model F-17B has standard 22" x 1/4" plain blades on 9" spacing and on the rear gang features diminishing blades with 16" feathering blades. A gang bolt wrench and a 4" x 8" (3000 PSI) hydraulic cylinder with hoses to tractor are also standard equipment.

AMCO's Model F17B 13'6", 15'0" and 16'6" has dual wheels as standard equipment with outrigger bars and clamps. Model F17B 9'3", 10'6" and 12'0" has single wheels as standard equipment with dual wheels as an option.

Wear Guards protect bearing housing from wearing and zerk guards protect the grease fitting. Both wear guards and zerk guards are standard equipment.

The Model F-17B has AMCO's optional Shock Absorber Gang Riser which allows the gang on the harrow to move upward and back to relieve shock when the disk blades encounter an obstacle in the ground.

Optional Shock Absorber Gang Risers
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    AMCO's optional Shock Absorber Gang Riser permits the gang to move upward and back to relieve shock when the blades strike an obstacle. Heavy-duty scrapers feature high-carbon, replaceable steel blades.

Feathering Blades
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    Diminishing blades on the rear gang and feathering blades (pictured here) aid in a smooth, even cut.

Adjustable Leveling Springs
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    Front to rear leveling spring allows easy adjustment in the field.

Tongue Jack and Gang Wrench
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    The Model F-17B has a tongue jack and gang bolt wrench standard. Both fit in place on the tongue during operation.
   *Specifications subject to change without notice.

AMCO's Protect-O-Shield Bearing is Guaranteed for Two Full Years.

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