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AMCO makes disc harrows with serious power—perfect for construction site preparation, road work, land clearing, and building and maintaining firebreaks and logging roads.

Explore our heavy-duty lineup of construction and forestry discs.

G2 Wheel Offset Harrow

Aerial view of full frame of G2 Wheel Offset HarrowWith 12½” blade spacing, the G2 is AMCO’s most massive tool. The G2 is designed to take on the most challenging jobs, easily working soil that has never been broken and operating in heavily wooded conditions.

Dual spring stabilizers keep the G2 level in changing ground conditions and help the harrow absorb rough terrain.

Quick Specs

  • Cutting Width: 10’4″–18’4′
  • No. of Disc Blades: 20–36
  • Weight: 10,179–14,821 lbs.

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LTF Lift Double Offset Harrow

Full view of LTF Lift Double Offset HarrowThe LTF is a rugged tool for preparing construction sites and managing logging roads and firebreaks. It is available in seven sizes, and standard heavy-duty scrapers free disc blades of soil buildup.

Quick Specs

  • Cutting Width: 6’0″–12’0″
  • No. of Disc Blades: 16–32
  • Weight: 1,600–3,131 lbs.

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LOF Lift Offset Harrow

Aerial view of LOF Lift Offset HarrowBuilt AMCO tough for nearly 70 years, the LOF has a long-lived reputation for reliability. It is designed to tackle the most challenging construction and forestry jobs, featuring standard heavy-duty scrapers to clear soil buildup from disc blades.

Quick Specs

  • Cutting Width: 7’6″–9’0″
  • No. of Disc Blades: 20–24
  • Weight: 2,152–2,392 lbs.

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J41, J42, J43, & J44 Wheel Offset Harrows

Closeup of J42 Wheel Offset HarrowOffering 10½” blade spacing, AMCO’s J Series Wheel Offset Harrows are equipped to handle rocky and woody conditions with ease. Our J42, J43, and J44 models are specially engineered for primary tillage operation and are available with both 50″ and 86″ main frames.

Quick Specs

Cutting Width

  • J41: 7’0″–10’4″
  • J42: 8’8″–20’6″
  • J43: 8’8″–18’8″
  • J44: 8’8″–18’8″

No. of Disc Blades

  • J41: 16–24
  • J42: 20–48
  • J43: 20–44
  • J44: 20–44


  • J41: 2,592–3,345 lbs.
  • J42: 3,937–8,741 lbs.
  • J43: 4,303–9,283 lbs.
  • J44: 4,464–9,626 lbs.

Learn More About the J41, J42, J43, & J44 Wheel Offset Harrows

F41 Wheel Offset Harrows

Aerial view of F41 Wheel Offset HarrowAMCO’s F41 Wheel Offset Harrow with 9″ blade spacing is equipped to break up compacted soil and work in a variety of tough conditions. It can be upgraded for rocky or woody terrain with a spring-loaded shock absorber gang with 24″ x ¼” cutout blades.

Quick Specs

  • Cutting Width: 6’9″–10’6″
  • No. of Disc Blades: 18–28
  • Weight: 2,428–3,257 lbs.

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