LOF Lift Offset Harrows

AMCO’s LOF Lift Offset Harrows are perfect for building and maintaining food plots, logging roads, gardens, turn rows, and firebreaks, as well as seedbed preparation, pivot turn management, and much more. The LOF comes in three cutting widths: 7’6″, 8’3″, and 9’0″. It weighs up to 2,392 pounds. The LOF Harrow will outlast the competition.

LOF Lift Offset Harrow

Model show above: LOF-2424

Lift Offset Harrows: LOF

Model Cutting Width No. of Disc Blades No. of Bearings Approx. Engine HP Required Approx. Weight lbs.*
LOF-2024 7’6″ 20 8 70 2,152
LOF-2224 8’3″ 22 8 80 2,272
LOF-2424 9’0″ 24 8 90 2,392

*To calculate weight per blade on each unit, divide the approximate weight by the number of blades.
Specifications subject to change without notice.

Side view of LOF Lift Offset Harrow
  • Disc gangs feature maintenance-free bearings with three-year warranty; bearings eliminate possibility of contamination and need for re-lubrication
  • Optional Shock Absorber Bearing Risers to relieve shock when disc blade encounters obstacles
  • Standard heavy-duty scrapers with replaceable high-carbon blades free blades of soil buildup
  • Designed with 3″ x 4″ x ¼” rectangular tubing on the main frame and 3″ x 5″ x ¼” on the gang frame
  • Features 1½” square, high-carbon, cold-rolled steel axles
  • Standard 3-point hitch fits category II or III hitches and is quick-hitch compatible
  • Equipped with standard 24″ x ¼” cutout blades on 9″ spacing with 2” step-down blades on right front and right rear
  • Gang angles on the front and rear adjust 14° to 18° to adapt to any soil conditions
  • Features a powder-coated finish
  • Optional bolt-on attachment feathering blade adds smoother finish at faster speeds
  • Wear guards protect bearing housing

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