LOF Lift Offset Harrows

AMCO offers Wheel Offset Harrows with 10½” blade spacing in four options. Primary tillage models are available in both 50″ main frames or 86″ main frames (designated with a “B”).

Lift Offset Harrows: LOF

LOF quality features include:

  • Disc gangs feature maintenance-free bearings with three-year warranty; bearings eliminate possibility of contamination and need for re-lubrication
  • Optional Shock Absorber Bearing Risers to relieve shock when disc blade encounters obstacles
  • 1½” square, high-carbon, cold-rolled steel axles
  • 3″ x 4″x ¼” rectangular tubing on the main frame and 3″ x 5″ x ¼” on the gang frame
  • Standard heavy-duty scrapers with replaceable high-carbon blades free blades of soil buildup
  • Standard 24″ x ¼” cutout blades on 9″ spacing with 2” step-down blades on right front and right rear
  • Standard 3-point hitch fits category II or III hitches and is quick-hitch compatible
  • Gang angles on the front and rear adjust 14° to 18° to adapt to any soil conditions
  • Optional, bolt-on attachment feathering blade adds smoother finish at faster speeds
Model Cutting Width No. of Disc Blades No. of Bearings Approx. Engine HP Required Approx. Weight lbs*
LOF-2024 7’6″ 20 8 61 2,152
LOF-2224 8’3″ 22 8 68 2,272
LOF-2424 9’0″ 24 8 68 2,392

*To calculate weight per blade on each unit, divide the approximate weight by the number of blades.
Specifications for all models subject to change without notice.

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