Cutout or Smooth Blades?

Choosing the right blade style for your disc harrow makes all the difference. Find out which is best for your operation.

Vertical / Offset Rotary Ditchers

From coupler to cutter head, AMCO makes a better ditcher. Explore our vertical and rotary options.

3-Point Discs / Lift Harrows

Commercial, ag operations, hobby farms—no matter the job, there’s an AMCO 3-Point Disc or Lift Harrow to get it done.

Set Your Disc in Five Easy Steps

Is your equipment ready to roll? Guarantee it with AMCO’s guide to properly setting our disc harrows.

Bedding Hippers / Toolbars

Get the custom-built advantage of AMCO’s Bedding Hippers & Heavy-Duty Toolbars.

Construction / Forestry Discs

In the construction or forestry business? You need disc harrows with serious power. AMCO’s lineup delivers.

Since 1947 Logo

AMCO Manufacturing, Inc., has been making tough tillage tools since 1947. Our equipment is hard at work around the USA shaping land, preparing seedbeds, and building agricultural water management solutions. AMCO farm and construction industry equipment and water management tools give our customers years of dependable performance. Count on AMCO for rugged, high-quality harrows, ditchers, dics, plows and more—with exceptional service and at a fair price.