Terracing Plows

With the AMCO Manufacturing Terracing Plow (model TJ3), you can build 1,000 feet of terraces or more per hour, working within Soil Conservation Service specifications. This terracing plow design is unique to AMCO and can be integrated with your own equipment and operated by your own laborers, saving you time and money when compared to the same terraces built with bulldozers, scrapers, and other large earth-moving equipment.

The AMCO Terracing Plow builds and packs the terrace with multiple trips through the field. In addition to building new terraces, this AMCO tool is effective in refurbishing older terraces.

Terracing Plows: TJ3

Full view of Terracing Plow
  • 1½” square, high-carbon cold-rolled steel axles
  • Extra-heavy-duty, 7″ x 7″ x ⅜″ main frame with category III three-point hitches; is quick-hitch compatible
  • Disc gangs feature maintenance-free bearings with three-year warranty; bearings eliminate possibility of contamination and need for re-lubrication
  • 26″ x ¼” cutout or smooth blades with 10″ backup blades on inside and outside blades, as well as two 20″ x ¼” end blades with 10″ backup blades
  • ³⁄₁₆” x 6½” x 8”, high-carbon steel, replaceable, adjustable scraper blades mounted on bars of 2½” x 2½” square tubing. The scrapers are attached to the 2½” x ½” thick arms with heavy-duty U-bolts
  • Two 4″ x 16″ independent 3,000 PSI hydraulic cylinders and four 3/8″ diameter hoses to mount from hydraulic cylinders to tractor
  • Tilt indicator that allows positive setting of gangs from driver’s seat at desired tilt; hydraulically controlled from 18 degrees down to 43 degrees up
  • Gang angle adjustable from 21 to 29 degrees
Model Cutting Width No. of Disc Blades No. of Bearings Approx. Engine HP Required Approx. Weight lbs*
TJ3-1826 16’10” 18 6 176-270 3,212

*To calculate weight/blade, divide the approximate weight of the model by the number of disc blades.
Specifications for all models subject to change without notice.

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