Kent Gabrysch, Gabrysch Farms

“We own four AMCO F15 27′ Discs and an AMCO 12-row 36′ Bedding Hipper, all of which we have used for years. We started using AMCO discs back in the 1990s and have tried other brands over the years, but now we use only AMCO. They have a very good, trouble-free product!”

Gabrysch Farms
Richard Clausel, Farm Manager for Circle C Farms

“We purchased our first AMCO AD-10 Ditcher in the spring of 2001 and ran it until the summer of 2014, when we needed a second machine. We bought a new one from our local dealer. After a day of setup, we started using our new machine alongside the 14-year-old one. It has been five more years and neither machine has missed a beat … An excellent product, with excellent customer service.”

Farm Manager
Circle C Farms
Terry Sharp

“I worked with my local NRCS agent, who came up with a plan involving 21 terraces across my 130-acre farm. Using the AMCO Terracing Plow, I was able to complete 6,000 feet of terraces, ranging from 22″ to 6′ at their highest point. Thank you, AMCO!”

Mount Vernon, IL
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