Terry Jacob

Sedgwick, Kansas
Rural Innovations

Terry Jacob of Sedgwick, Kansas, owns and operates Rural Innovations, a company that provides ditch and road maintenance for sand and gravel roads and pivot track repair on irrigated farm ground.

“On a trip to Arkansas, I spotted two levee plows in a farmer’s yard and pulled in to check them out as they were something I had not seen in Kansas,” Terry said. “I ended up buying both of them and hauled them the 500 miles back home. I modified one of them to use for filling in center pivot tracks when they get really deep to help prevent pivots from getting stuck. I also use it to groom township roads.”

Terry found his AMCO Terracing Plow in Kansas, but does not use it for terracing—he uses it to clean and rebuild the sides of gravel roads. The plow pulls the gravel back towards the center of the road where it can be smoothed out with his road grader. In the process it also chops up vegetation in the ditch, making it much easier to spread across the roadbeds.

“I’ve always been one to think outside the box and it didn’t take long to convince me this was the right tool for the job. I can pull ditches at seven and eight miles an hour and get more done in eight hours than some do in several days when only using a motor grader. Now, I have the attention of the community! They still don’t know what it is, but they darn sure know what it does!” Terry added.