Brad Ferguson, Mississippi

“I had been looking for a three-point-hitch disc for our custom planting jobs for a of couple years. I needed something I could hook up and load on a trailer, but not lose the heavy cutting performance of a drawbar disc. I bought the 12′ LTF Lift Double Offset Harrow over the winter, and I was itching to try it out. The weather finally allowed me to get in the field to cut standing sunflower and cornstalks. The LTF impressed me on the first pass. The frame weight and heavy gangs make all the difference in cutting and incorporating residue, while leaving a smooth finish. I also used the LTF to make fire lanes for controlled burns in virgin pasture ground. I had no problem cutting the ground, and after the second pass, it was ready for burning. The maintenance-free engineering of this disc is obvious with sealed and protected bearings that will keep you in the field and out of the parts store.”

LTF Lift Double Offset Harrow attached to John Deere tractor building fire lanes

Jordan Blissett, Mississippi

“I’ve been planting food plots since I was big enough to operate a tractor. I’ve used every method you can think of to disturb ground over the years. I started using an AMCO disc over five years ago and found out what I was missing! From what I’m told, I’m pretty rough on equipment, and I have yet to have a problem from an AMCO disc. They are made tough, and they also save time on passes because AMCO discs flat-out cut dirt!”

AMCO LTF building food plot

Russ Berry, New Hebron, Mississippi

“I’ve used the LTF in my garden and my cousin’s garden. Everyone who has seen it is extremely impressed, and I plan on using it to break up some food plots. It is an awesome piece of equipment—especially the feathering blades, which level the ground really well.”

LTF Lift Offset Harrow in field with red tractorTop view of LTF Lift Offset Harrow in field

New Hebron, Mississippi
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