F-15 Double Offset Flexwing Tandem
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AMCO Manufacturing, Inc. has continually produced agricultural implements such as disc harrows, wheel offset harrows, bedding hippers, ripper hippers, ditchers, levee plows and terracing plows and a significant number of other implements since 1947. We also offer AMCO parts which are manufactured with the same precision and skill as the original equipment.

Protect-O-Shield Bearings     Shock Absorber Gang Risers
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AMCO's Protect-O-Shield® bearing features an exclusive protective shield to enhance the life and protect its triple seals from damage, keeping you out of the shop and in the field. AMCO's Shock Absorber Gang Riser and Protect-O-Shield® bearings will not move rocks and uproot stumps, but they will help prevent harrow damage.


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