From coupler to cutter head, AMCO makes a better drainage Ditcher. Clean roadside ditches or direct water away from crops with the AMCO Rotary Ditcher, an industry best-seller. We offer both Offset and Vertical models, and both drainage Ditcher body styles can be ordered with either of our cutter head sizes. Options are available for tractors with PTO ratings of 540 and 1,000.

  • Our cutter head features five reversible blades. Turn the blades over for a second life cycle; relocate to second set of bolt holes to get four blade life cycles. 
  • The cutter head width is adjustable from 18″ to 20″ or from 26″ to 24″. Both drainage Ditcher body styles can be ordered with either diameter cutter head
  • Securing the PTO drive shaft for storage is easy with a PTO drive shaft parking hook on the side of the unit.
  • Standard on all models is a concave skid shoe design with the quick-adjust ratchet, which allows the drainage Ditcher to track better and form a more uniform ditch. The skid shoe mount is located behind the gear case and helps prevent debris buildup around the cutter head

Vertical Rotary Ditcher

High-performing in dry conditions and still a solid choice for creating ditches in wet conditions, the Vertical Rotary Ditcher weighs 120 pounds less than the Offset model and will dig a deeper ditch than the Offset. The cutter head is a traditional center placement. It straddles the ditch during cleanout.


More Vertical Rotary Ditcher features:

  • Driving the cutter head is a dual, heavy-duty, endless double #80 roller chain with 1″ pitch that runs continuously in a sealed oil bath
  • Each chain drive is equipped with an adjustable idler sprocket with case-hardened teeth
  • An all-welded main frame has chain-case construction of 6″ x 10″ x ¼″ tubing
  • The 3-point hitch A-frame fits category II and III with quick-hitch compatibility.
  • Our standard parking stands that allow you to park your drainage Ditcher in the upright position for easy connect and disconnect
  • AMCO’s standard buster shank to rip through tough dirt, allowing penetration to the desired depth and clean passage for the cutter head

See the table below for specifications and features or download the product literature. Complete information available on request.

Offset Rotary Ditcher 

The AMCO Offset Rotary Ditcher offers outstanding performance in wet conditions and gives farmers the ability to dig drainage ditches for improved water drainage in any crop or soil type. The Offset is designed so the cutter head sits behind the left tractor tire, leaving only the right tire track alongside the ditch. To clean out ditches, drop one tire into the ditch. The Offset is also better for cleaning out ditches than conventional drainage ditchers; no need to straddle the ditch, just drop a tire in it and go.


More Offset Rotary Ditcher features:

  • Robust frame
  • Easy functionality
  • Heavy-duty, endless double #80 roller chain that runs continuously in a sealed oil bath
  • Concave skid shoe; the skid shoe mount is located behind the Ditcher gear case to keep debris and mud from building up around the cutter head 
  • Standard buster shank
  • Available in 540 and 1,000 PTO

See the table below for specifications and features or download the product literature. Complete information available on request.

See the Offset Rotary Ditcher in action 


Build Your AMCO Rotary Ditcher

Model Vertical Ditcher (Body Only) Approx. Weight*
AD-540-V Vertical Rotary Ditcher for 540 PTO 569
AD-1000-V Vertical Rotary Ditcher for 1,000 PTO 569
  Offset Ditcher (Body Only)  
AD-540-OS Left Offset Rotary Ditcher for 540 PTO 734
AD-1000-OS Left Offset Rotary Ditcher for 1,000 PTO 734
AD-CHA18 18″ to 20″ 5-blade (reversible for longer life) 72
AD-CHA26 24″ to 26″ 5-blade (reversible for longer life) 109
AD-DL6S 1 3/8, 6-spline (for 540 PTO) 56
AD-DL21S 1 3/8, 21-spline (for 1,000 PTO) 56
AD-DL20S 1 3/4, 20-spline (for 1,000 PTO) 58

*To calculate weight/blade, divide the approximate weight of the model by the number of disc blades.
Specifications for all models subject to change without notice.

AMCO-Exclusive Product Performance GuaranteeRepair, Replace, or Refund: AMCO Guarantees Performance – The best tillage tools deserve the best guarantee. The AMCO guarantee is simple. If, during the first 30 days, your AMCO equipment doesn’t perform as promised, and if we don’t make it perform in a reasonable amount of time, we’ll repair it, replace it, or buy it back.