10 tips for storing and maintaining AMCO discs over the winter

Dec 18, 2020 | Tough Tillage Update

LTF Lift Double Offset Harrow covered in snow

Don’t leave your discs out in the cold! Follow AMCO’s storage and maintenance tips to make sure your equipment is ready to go this spring.

Fall field work is a wrap, and it’s time to put your AMCO discs to bed for the winter.

Proper storage and maintenance are crucial to keeping your discs in good condition for next season. Here are some tips that will help you make sure your equipment is ready to roll come spring!

  1. Store your disc in a dry place, with the gangs resting on boards to keep weight off the tires.
  2. Clean all dirt and debris off your disc.
  3. Carefully rotate each gang and check for worn or damaged blades, bent gang shafts, worn scrapers, damaged bearings, missing lubrication fittings, and any other parts that need replacing. Make any necessary repairs or replacements immediately. Consult your equipment manual for instructions on specific repairs.
  4. NOTE: The gang shaft nuts must be torqued to 1,200 foot-pounds when disc blades or bearings are being replaced.
  5. Thoroughly lubricate your disc’s frame fittings, gang bearings, and wheel bearings. AMCO recommends using good grade no. 2 gun grease with a lithium base. Refer to your equipment manual for specific lubrication instructions for your disc.
  6. Working parts that don’t have lubrication fittings should be oiled occasionally with good grade lubrication oil.
  7. Tighten any loose bolts on the disc.
  8. Repaint the disc in spots where the original paint has worn off.
  9. Coat the disc blades and hydraulic cylinder rod with rust preventative.
  10. At every step, exercise caution and follow the safety guidelines provided in your equipment manual.

If you have questions about storing and maintaining your disc, AMCO is ready to help. Contact a tough tillage expert today.

Did you know? In addition to agriculture, AMCO’s lineup includes discs engineered for construction site preparation, road work, land clearing, and building and maintaining firebreaks and logging roads. Learn more about these powerful discs from AMCO.


Aerial view of G2 Wheel Offset Harrow

AMCO’s G2 Wheel Offset Harrow is built for tough tasks, like breaking up new ground and heavily wooded site preparation.

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