AMCO adds innovative grader blade to equipment lineup

Oct 28, 2022 | Press Releases

Full front view of Z-Blade

AMCO’s new Z-Blade is available in 8′, 10′, 12′, and 14′ working widths.

This fall, AMCO Manufacturing Company is rolling out the Z-Blade—a new grader blade option for both road maintenance and farm work.

The Z-Blade is designed to handle a range of jobs, including:

  • Fixing potholes and washouts
  • Leveling roads, driveways, and parking lots
  • Smoothing out ruts in turn rows for better soil conditions, a smoother ride for planters, and more uniform planting conditions
Z-Blade Diagram

Material builds up on the front blade, flows up and over the rear blade, then spreads evenly for a smooth and level finish grade.

“The keys to the Z-Blade’s effectiveness are its dual-edged cutting blades and tall side pans, which keep material from overflowing,” said AMCO Marketing Manager Charlie Lane. “The Z-Blade can cut out high spots and fill in low spots. Material builds up on the front blade, then flows up and over the rear blade, spreading evenly to give you a smooth and level finish grade.”

Key Z-Blade Features:

  • The Z-Blade is specially designed to eliminate washboarding and does not leave behind windrows.
  • It is available in four working widths: 8’, 10’, 12’, and 14’.
  • Both the dual-edged cutting blades and the skid plates that run along the bottom of the fabricated steel side pans are replaceable. The side pans also allow depth adjustment.
  • For extra durability, the Z-Blade features a powder-coated finish.

To learn more about the Z-Blade, email or call 800-748-9022.

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