A closer look at AMCO’s versatile Ditcher cutter heads

May 14, 2021 | Ditcher, Tough Tillage Update

AMCO Offset Rotary and Vertical Ditchers

AMCO Ditchers are available with two adjustable cutter head sizes: 18″–20″ and 24″–26″.

Standing water can kill crops in a hurry. That’s why a well-built drainage system is essential, especially if you:

  • Live in a flat area or region with a lot of precipitation
  • Plant corn, soybeans, cotton, rice, or other crops that are sensitive to waterlogging

AMCO’s Vertical and Offset Rotary Ditchers are affordable tools that easily clean roadside ditches and reshape waterways. By directing water away from crops, they protect them from flooding and heavy rain, providing thousands of dollars in ROI. And unlike others on the market, AMCO’s Ditchers are available with two adjustable cutter head sizes: 18″–20″ and 24″–26″.

The smaller cutter head is the classic size that’s been serving growers for many years. But if you’re interested in building a wider, shallower ditch, then the larger cutter head might be the fit for you. You’ll have the same water flow as a ditch built with the smaller head, but you’ll have a smoother ride when you take your tractor, sprayer, or other equipment through the field.

Both sizes are compatible with the Vertical and Offset Rotary Ditcher models, and they are interchangeable on units built after June 2015. So if you want to switch cutter head sizes, you don’t need to buy a new AMCO Ditcher—just buy a new head.

Five-blade AMCO Ditcher cutter head

Tip: An easy way to tell if your cutter head is interchangeable is the number of blades. If your cutter head has five blades, it’s interchangeable; if it has four blades, it is not.

Watch the video below for more info and tips on the AMCO Ditcher’s versatile cutter heads from Marketing Manager Charlie Lane. Have a question about your AMCO Ditcher, or ready to make the switch? Contact a tough tillage expert today.

Did You Know? Beyond Ditchers, AMCO offers a full lineup of water management tools—Levee Plows, Terracing Plows, Border Plows and Pivot/Tile Plows, and Water Furrow Plows.

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