AMCO is widely known for offering some of the most reliable ditchers on the market. With the new Offset Rotary Ditcher from AMCO, farmers get the same dependability and tough build they’ve come to expect, with even better drainage for extremely wet conditions.

The AMCO Offset Rotary Ditcher gives farmers the ability to dig drainage ditches for improved water drainage in any crop or soil type. Its unique design allows the Offset Rotary Ditcher to run directly behind the left rear tractor tire so the ditch is dug in the same tire track.    

“The offset design leaves a defined water drainage ditch in the field,” said Michael Atwood, AMCO marketing manager. “That means in wet conditions, water is channeled into the ditch for exceptional drainage.”

Erosion control is another benefit of the new Offset Rotary Ditcher. The tire running directly ahead of the ditcher packs down loose soil, and the trench the ditcher creates through the packed soil is more firm and less prone to washing away with rainfall than if it were dug through loose soil.

AMCO Offset Rotary Ditcher in the field

The AMCO Offset Rotary Ditcher’s cutting head travels in the same path as your tire, making for better drainage and more erosion control.

In cleaning out ditches that were previously dug, the Offset Rotary Ditcher also proves its worth. “It can be tricky to straddle a ditch,” explained Atwood. “With the Offset Rotary Ditcher, you can just drop the tire in the current ditch and go, and the ditcher will clean out the ditch behind the tire.”

Like everything at AMCO, the Offset Rotary Ditcher is built tough to withstand the demands of today’s farming environment. Its robust frame doesn’t detract from the easy functionality. The chain drive is a heavy-duty, endless double #80 roller chain and runs continuously in a sealed oil bath. The optional skid plate is available in standard or concave options; the skid plate mount is located on the rear of the ditcher to keep debris and mud from building up around the bearing. The ditcher comes with a standard buster shank and is available in 540 and 1,000 PTO.  

Since 1947, AMCO Manufacturing Company has produced a wide range of primary tillage implements and farm equipment engineered and designed for the agricultural, farming, wildlife, forest and construction industry. AMCO products are the perfect fit for today’s production agriculture.