Three AMCO disc harrows that build great food plots

Aug 11, 2023 | Tillage Tool, Tough Tillage Update

Closeup of LTF in action on food plot

The LTF breaking ground on a food plot. Photo courtesy of Primos Hunting.

It’s hard to believe, but fall is almost here! And all the hunters out there know what that means—it’s time to break ground on your food plot.

There are a lot of factors in building a good food plot. You need to pick the right spot and the right seed to attract deer, wild turkeys, ducks, or whatever game you’re hunting. Just as important is the equipment you use break ground and prep your seedbed.

Look no further than AMCO. We have three disc harrows that can help you get the job done:


Closeup of F17 building food plot

The F17 is a larger option for food plot building.

What sets these harrows apart from the competition?

  • They’re available in a range of sizes. Hunters are usually looking for a small, compact disc. The three-point LTF Lift Double Offset Harrow has six sizes with cutting widths between 6’0″ and 12’0″ and weighs 1,600–3,131 lbs. The F17 Double Offset Tandem Disc Harrow is great for bigger food plots. Its maximum cutting width is 16’6″ and it weighs up to 5,644 lbs.
  • They’re powerful and durable. Cheaper harrows tend to break down when they hit rugged terrain (like the newly de-forested land where hunters often build food plots). AMCO disc harrows are designed with just these conditions in mind. Unlike many comparable harrows, you won’t need to set your gangs at the most aggressive position to be effective, which gives you more control in high-moisture conditions. And there’s another AMCO feature you won’t find on many competitive tillage tools—our Shock Absorber Bearing Risers, which dramatically relieve shock when blades encounter obstacles in the ground.
  • You can get time-saving accessories. AMCO harrows come with optional accessories that are designed to save you time in the field. For example, the LTF Lift Double Offset Harrow is available with feathering blades that keep soil smooth and level and allow faster operation.
  • They’re easy to care for. AMCO harrows are low maintenance. The LTF, LOF, and F17 are equipped with maintenance-free bearings that carry a three-year warranty. These bearings eliminate the possibility of dirt and grime buildup and the need for re-lubrication.


Bonus: Five tips for food plot preparation

  1. Choose a location that gets plenty of sunshine and is easily accessible to the wildlife you want to feed.
  2. Send in a soil sample for a lab test. This will determine your soil’s pH levels and help you choose the best fertilizer for your plot.
  3. Before planting, thoroughly prepare the soil by clearing debris and eliminating any unwanted vegetation with your harrow.
  4. Before buying seed, research what kinds of plants your intended game like to eat.
  5. Timing your planting is critical, but it varies based on the type of plants you’re growing. Research your seed options and follow the instructions provided by the retailer.

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