Food plot discs from AMCO Manufacturing

Lift Double Offset Harrow in the field

Russ Berry preps gardens with an AMCO LTF Lift Double Offset Harrow

If you’re struggling to maintain a large food plot, need help breaking ground on a hunting plot for the first time, or are just tired of the stress that using an inexpensive food plot disc brings each year, you may be ready for a better disc harrow option. A food plot disc from AMCO Manufacturing, maker of tough tillage tools, offers you incredible durability and proven performance at a competitive price.

A well-maintained food plot for hunting can dramatically boost your chances of attracting wildlife like deer, ducks, and wild turkeys. With the right disc, you’ll look forward to maintaining your plot each year and reap the benefits of a more successful hunting season.  

While cheaper, smaller discs can’t take the abuse of repeated passes each year to clear ground, AMCO food plot discs make the case that an investment in a larger disc harrow will offer a great return. AMCO’s disc harrows are designed to pull out of the shed and go straight to work year after year—the maintenance-free bearings eliminate the possibility of contamination and the need for re-lubrication.

Which AMCO disc harrow is the right fit for your hunting food plot? Learn more about AMCO’s lineup of disc harrows here: