Four reasons to choose an AMCO disc harrow to clear your food plot

Sep 1, 2022 | Tough Tillage Update, Wheel Offset Harrow, Wicked Warrior

AMCO discs for food plots

Popular AMCO disc harrows for food plot building (left to right): Wicked Warrior-2018, Wicked Warrior-2418, F17-3422, LTF100B-2422, LTF100B-2022.

Fall is on the horizon, which means hunters across the country are buying seed and preparing to break ground on food plots that will draw in deer, ducks, wild turkeys, and other game.

Location and seed are usually top of mind when planning a food plot, but making sure you’re using the right equipment is equally important to your success. AMCO offers an extensive lineup of disc harrows that can get the job done.

Closeup of LTF in action on food plot

The LTF Lift Double Offset Harrow breaking ground on a food plot. Photo courtesy of Primos Hunting.

Let’s dig into why an AMCO disc harrow is the right choice for your food plot.

  1. Range of sizes. A small, compact disc is usually what hunters are looking for when it’s time to prepare soil for a food plot. AMCO’s three-point Wicked Warrior fits this bill, with models ranging from 4’–8′ in cutting width and weighing 420–1,290 lbs. If you have a big food plot to manage, AMCO has larger disc options like the F17 Double Offset Tandem Disc Harrow, which has a maximum cutting width of 16’6″ and weight of 5,644 lbs.
  2. Exceptional durability and power. Inexpensive discs tend to break down when faced with rugged terrain, like the newly de-forested land that is often used for food plots. AMCO discs are designed to power through these tough conditions. Unlike comparable discs on the market, you won’t need to set your gangs at the most aggressive position to be effective, which means you have more control in high-moisture conditions. Most AMCO discs can also be equipped with Shock Absorber Bearing Risers, which dramatically relieve shock when disc blades encounter obstacles in the ground. That’s a feature you won’t find on many competitive discs.
  3. Time-saving accessories. When you choose an AMCO disc, you can opt into accessories that will save you time in the field. For example, the LTF Lift Double Offset Harrow is available with feathering blades that will keep your soil smooth and level and allow for faster operation.
  4. Easy annual care. AMCO discs are designed to be low maintenance. The LTF, LOF, and F17 are equipped with maintenance-free bearings that carry a three-year warranty. These bearings eliminate the possibility of contamination and the need for re-lubrication.

Ready to find out which AMCO disc harrow is right for your food plot? Explore the lineup:


Did you know? The Wicked Warrior features pin-adjustable gangs and components that are locked in place by specially designed plates, cutting down on the amount of time you spend on adjustments.

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