Say goodbye to blown seals with AMCO Protect-O-Shield Bearings

Oct 31, 2017 | Tough Tillage Update

When you’re out in the field, nothing slows you down like having to replace a bearing clogged with dirt, stubble, and debris. To keep you moving, AMCO fortifies the following equipment with our industry-leading Protect-O-Shield® Bearings:Protect-O-Shield Bearing diagram

Protect-O-Shield Bearings are extremely durable; their design virtually eliminates blown seals and wrap damage. For starters, the triple-lip seals lock in grease to keep the bearings properly lubricated. The bearing also holds the seal securely in place during lubrication, preventing pressure from the grease gun from causing a blowout.

But the real secret is our protective shield, which provides an extra layer of defense against dirt and debris. The protective shield covers both sides of the bearing. Any material your equipment kicks up while moving through the field is blocked from damaging or getting stuck in your bearings, allowing you to cover more acres and spend less time replacing clogged or damaged bearings.

“The Protect-O-Shield Bearing is designed to be over-greased to purge out dirt and debris, which will help increase the life of the bearing,” said AMCO Marketing Manager Michael Atwood.

AMCO Protect-O-Shield Bearings are guaranteed for two full years. They should be re-lubricated with appropriate conforming grease after each use and at the end of the season. During lubrication, the bearing should purge new grease and then be rotated to ensure the cavity is completely filled.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our Protect-O-Shield Bearings, contact our tough tillage experts today.

Joe RickyDid you know? This summer, AMCO introduced our new spokesperson, Joe Ricky! J.R. is a longtime AMCO customer and host of the video series “Words of Wisdom With Joe Ricky.” In this series, which is posted in the Videos section of our Facebook page, J.R. gives his advice and perspective on using AMCO equipment. Check out his take on our Protect-O-Shield Bearings!

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