Wheel Offset Harrow checklist: Make sure you’re field-ready

Apr 22, 2015 | Tough Tillage Update

G2 Wheel Offset Harrow in the field

AMCO’s G2 Wheel Offset Harrow is a dependable and rugged tool, but it needs proper care and preparation to live up to its maximum potential. Here are the basics: before using a new harrow or one that has been stored, check to make certain that all nuts and bolts are tight, cotter pins are spread, and the harrow has been lubricated (see page 19 of our G2 manual). Here are a few more things to check before you head out in the field:

TRACTOR DRAWBAR – Set the tractor drawbar so it is free to swing when discing. This will prevent side draft, making operation of the harrow easier. The tractor drawbar will pull somewhat to the left side during operation. This is normal with an offset harrow.

HARROW HITCH – The harrow pull tongue can be offset to the right or left by using the set of holes in the cross tongue plates to obtain the desired offset.

SPRING-LOADED STABILIZER – The spring-loaded stabilizers may be adjusted to level the harrow front to rear. In extremely hard ground, it may be necessary to shorten the stabilizers to force the front, or penetrating gang, into the ground. In normal conditions, the stabilizers should be adjusted so that the disc harrow is level, front to rear, while discing.

Observe the harrow while it is working to make sure the furrow is being filled and the ground left level.

DISC GANG ANGLE – The gang angle you choose to set your harrow at will depend on soil conditions and the job to be done. When conditions are near normal, a setting somewhere between extremely narrow and extremely shallow is advisable for best operation. Increasing the gang angle will increase the penetration, pulverizing action, and horsepower requirements, while decreasing the gang angle will do the opposite. Use the gang angle set holes on the side of the main frame to select desired angles. Always change the angle one hole at a time when making an adjustment.

SCRAPER ADJUSTMENT – Adjust the scrapers to run approximately 1/8″ from the disc blades by using the slotted holes in the scraper bars.

After you’ve finished your adjustments, you may need to transport the disc harrow to the field. Always lock it in transport position. Do not transport the disc harrow over 20 miles per hour on a smooth surface road, and reduce speed even further when traveling over rough ground. When transporting machinery over public roads, comply with your local and state regulations regarding length, width, and lighting. Your AMCO dealer has accessory lights and devices available to warn operators of other vehicles. The use of proper warning devices can help save lives!

Did you know?

The G2 Wheel Offset Harrow ranges in cutting width from 10′4″ to 20′4″ and weighs from 10,179 to 16,341 pounds. It also features:

  • 32″ x ⅜″ cutout blades with back-up blades on 12½″ spacing; it is also available with impressive 36″ x ½″ thick cutout blades
  • 2¼″ gang axles
  • 2¼″ bore, greaseable, triple-lip sealed, toggle-mounted, ball-type bearings with AMCO’s exclusive Protect-O-Shield® that features a two-year guarantee

Read more about the G2 Wheel Offset Harrow or watch the harrow in action.

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