Tough Tillage Update

Build the perfect levee in five steps

This month, rice-planting season is in full swing across the United States. Rice is unique because of the irrigated conditions it’s grown in. For your rice to thrive, you need a well-built levee that produces just the right controlled flooding environment. To help you...

Ditcher cheat sheet

AMCO’s guide to hitching and operating a ditcher With spring (and spring rain) on the way, now is the perfect time to brush up on correctly hitching and operating AMCO’s Vertical and Offset Rotary Ditchers. Known for their toughness and reliability, our ditchers...

Setting a disc? Do it right in five easy steps

Whether you’re managing residue, working a seedbed, or prepping for the next crop rotation, a properly set disc is crucial. By taking a little extra time to check your disc, you can ensure you make fewer trips to the field, reduce the risk of erosion, and lay the...

Cutout or smooth blades?

Choosing the right blade style for your disc harrow can be tricky. When you’re purchasing a new disc harrow, you’ll need to decide what style of blades will be the best fit for your operation: cutout (notched) blades or smooth (solid) blades. Which you choose comes...

Want to raise your crop yields? Raise up your crops.

Rain—it can be a blessing or a curse. When those life-giving showers become excessive, many farmers look for solutions to keep their plants from drowning. Enter raised soil beds. Constructed in the fall after harvest or the spring before planting, raised beds keep plants up out of water, leading to better growth and yields.

Don’t let their size fool you

Ask any farmer what makes a quality piece of farm equipment, and one of the words you’re likely to hear is “durability.” While AMCO’s large disc harrows are built tough to withstand harsh field conditions, so are the smaller disc harrow models used for farming and other specialized applications.

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