AMCO Rotary Ditcher now available with bigger 26-inch cutting head

26inchDitcher-webA 26-inch ditcher cutting head is the latest addition to the AMCO Rotary Ditcher product line. The robust 26-inch cutting head gives farmers the ability to dig larger drainage ditches for improved water drainage in any crop or soil type.

“The larger cutting head will make digging, maintaining, and cleaning irrigation ditches, laying polypipe, and controlling flood waters and drainage even easier,” said Michael Atwood, AMCO marketing manager.

The bigger head creates a wider cut, which places less stress on tractors when running over the ditch. Soil may be spread to an average of 30 yards in dry conditions and 50 yards in wet.

The new cutting head attaches to the same heavy-duty compact ditcher body. The 26-inch cutting head comes with AMCO’s standard buster shank, which increases bearing longevity. The new ditcher models AD30-18 and AD35-18 are only available in 1,000 PTO. “Our customers will find the bigger ditcher head is great addition to our line of AMCO Ditchers,” said Atwood.

All AMCO Ditchers come with an adjustable skid, enabling ditch-digging with single or multiple passes. Parking stands, which come standard, hold the AMCO Ditcher in place for ease in disconnecting and connecting to the tractor, and a chain support keeps the PTO shaft properly positioned for easy connection.

The ditchers feature five replaceable cutter head blades made of replaceable, heat-treated, high-carbon special abrasive resistant steel; four triple-lip, sealed ball bearings; and a universal drive shaft that is telescoping and fully shielded. The chain drive is a heavy-duty, endless double #80 roller chain with one-inch pitch. The chain runs continuously in a sealed oil bath, and sprockets are case-hardened on both models. “Our ditchers are the most reliable on the market,” said Atwood. “Like everything at AMCO, they are built to withstand the demands of today’s farming environment. With our replaceable heat-treated blades and dual chain drive, you’ll be able to see the difference in ditches made with AMCO Ditchers.”

Since 1947, AMCO Manufacturing, Inc., has produced a wide range of primary tillage implements and farm equipment engineered and designed for the agricultural, farming, wildlife, forest and construction industry. AMCO products are the perfect fit for today’s production agriculture.

18″- 20″ CUTTER HEAD

  • Smaller ditch at any depths
  • For smaller ditches and less flow
  • More narrow ditch at deeper depths for less jarring of a tractor tire
  • Cat. II and III point quick coupler hitch
  • Dual sprockets and dual #80 chain
  • 4 replaceable heat-treated high-carbon blades
  • Adjustable skid
  • Buster shank
  • Available in 540 and 1,000 PTO
  • AMCO ditcher frame
  • Standard PTO shaft
  • Chain, bearings and sprockets emerged in a sealed oil bath
  • Damaged prevented by shear bolt on PTO drive shaft


  • Wider ditch at shallower depths or larger ditches at deeper depths
  • For wider ditches for more flow and shallower cuts when needed
  • Wider ditch at shallower depths for less jarring of the tractor
  • Cat. II and III point quick coupler hitch
  • Dual sprockets and dual #80 chain
  • 5 replaceable heat-treated high-carbon blades
  • Extended adjustable skid to accommodate the larger cutting head
  • Extended buster shank
  • Available in 1,000 PTO
  • Same durable AMCO ditcher frame
  • Heavier PTO shaft
  • Chain, bearings and sprockets emerged in a sealed oil bath
  • Damaged prevented by shear bolt on PTO drive shaft

AMCO Heavy-Duty Toolbar with Hi-Clearance Bedding Hipper

HD-toolbar-webAMCO is pleased to announce the availability of 12-row 30″ and 16-row 30″ High-Clearance Bedding Hippers. The new models join the already-available 12-row 40″ assembly.

The perfect partner for your AMCO High-Clearance Toolbar, the AMCO Heavy-Duty Toolbar is the most rugged toolbar in its class. This toolbar is built to take the horsepower and ground-speed demands of today’s production agriculture.

AMCO’s field-tested, primary-tillage Bedding Hipper features a heavy-duty, hi-clearance, all-welded gang frame. The gang is equipped with 1½” square greaseable ball bearings (which are backed by a two-year warranty) and Protect-O-Shield® washers and wear guards. AMCO’s gang assemblies are available with three blade combinations: 18″ and 20″, 20″ and 22″ or 22″ and 24″. All are adjustable to three different angles. Gang frames are securely clamped in place with two ⅞” diameter heat-treated U-bolts. AMCO offers an optional factory assembly service so the Bedding Hipper will arrive ready for the field.

Since 1947, AMCO Manufacturing, Inc., has produced a wide range of primary tillage implements and farm equipment engineered and designed for production agriculture and the wildlife, forestry and construction industries. Our experienced staff is committed to the needs of our customers and strives to improve your productivity. We offer quality, value, durability, convenience and performance in all our products and service.

If you would like more information on the stoutest Bedding Hipper on the market and our incentive program, please reply to this email or call us at 800-748-9022.


  • 5″ x 24″ hydraulic cylinders with hoses to the tractor
  • Folds 170° for narrow transport
  • Toolbar wings can be hydraulically locked down or allowed to float
  • Over-center hydraulic wing lock
  • Heavy duty ⅜” wall tubing on center section and wings
  • Double frame construction
  • 3-point hitch fits Cat III and Cat 4N
  • SMV emblem
  • Parking stands
  • Hazard lights
  • Optional ratchet for adjusting gauge wheels


  • Heavy-duty hubs with double-lip seals
  • 2 bolts ¾” in diameter attach each hub to gang frames
  • Gangs have 3 different angle settings
  • 1½” diameter square axles
  • All-welded extra heavy-duty gang frames
  • Attaches with 2 heavy-duty ⅞” U-bolts
  • High ground clearance prevents plugging
  • Optional blade styles and diameters to choose from
  • Optional blade scrapers

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AMCO offers new tool with a wicked bite

The Wicked Warrior may be smaller than AMCO Manufacturing’s other disc harrows, but it offers the same rugged build and versatility AMCO products have been known for since 1947. Ideal for a wide range of applications—from residential gardens, to commercial landscaping, to seedbed preparation for food plots―the Wicked Warrior is designed to be used on small horsepower tractors.

Built with the hobbyist and homeowner in mind, the Wicked Warrior breaks up and levels the earth, creating the perfect seedbed for a garden or a smooth surface for seeding or sodding. Other applications include small nurseries, small hobby farms, other medium-duty residential jobs, wild game food plots, municipal beautification or maintenance programs, and construction.

“We’re excited about several features on the Wicked Warrior,” said Michael Atwood, AMCO marketing manager. “The axles are 11/8″, while other companies only offer 1″. The Wicked Warrior also comes with greaseable bearings, which extend the life of the tool and protect it from damage, keeping you out of the shop and in the field.”

Another unique feature on the Wicked Warrior are the gang axle nut locking plates. These specially designed locking plates secure the gang axle nuts in place so that all of the gang components stay tight for trouble-free operation.

Changing soil conditions are no problem, as the gang angle is easily adjustable with the pull of a pin. In tough, uneven conditions, a more aggressive angle can be used to tear up the soil, while a lesser angle can provide an even finish.

Other features include:

  • Main frame—2″ by 3″ square tubing with 3″ by 3″ cross braces 3/16″ thick
  • Gang frames—3″ by 3″ tubing ¼″ thick
  • 18″ by 3/16″ standard blades
  • Quick hitch compatible
  • Heavier-duty reinforced bearing risers with extra bracing

If you would like more information on the Wicked Warrior, please call us at 800-748-9022 or email More information on AMCO’s product lineup can be found at

AMCO aims to paint the farm pink


Dressed for the occasion: AMCO’s popular F-15 Disc Harrow sports a manly shade of pink for the month of October. The company is donating two percent of its equipment sales customers choose to have painted pink to the Walk Through the Zoo 5K event and the Mississippi Witness Project.

Things will take on a rosy tone at AMCO Manufacturing, Inc., this October. In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the agricultural equipment manufacturer plans to offer customers the option of ordering any of its products in pink. Two percent of the sales of pink-painted equipment will be donated to the Walk Through the Zoo 5K event, to be held on November 2 in Yazoo City.

“I have two aunts who battled breast cancer, and my father also fought cancer and lost,” said AMCO Marketing Manager Michael Atwood. “Breast cancer seems to touch everyone. Any farmer you talk to has a sister, cousin, mother, a good friend or someone in their life who has faced this disease.”

Of the decision to paint AMCO tillage tools pink rather than the normal deep yellow, Atwood said, “We wanted to do something outside the box to bring awareness to the cause. There is still so much more we can do.

“Plus, only REAL farmers can pull pink,” he added with a smile. The pink paint will still be a practical choice for farmers—its durability matches that of the company’s normal coat of paint. “AMCO tools have long lives. We hope this promotion will make everyone who sees this tough, pink tillage equipment in action will stop to think about what they can do to support a loved one, or someone else’s love one, fighting breast cancer.”

Cancer patients in Mississippi will benefit from 100 percent of the proceeds raised from AMCO purchases. All of the donations made to Walk through the Zoo are turned over to the Mississippi Witness Project based in Jackson, a nonprofit organization that helps primarily breast cancer patients with anything they might need, from help paying a lighting bill to transportation to and from treatments.

Melissa Stanley, who co-founded Walk Through the Zoo last year to enhance the women’s programming at the Yazoo City Federal Prison where she works, said of the event, “It started out as a way to raise awareness for breast cancer and it has just been amazing how it’s grown. We’re a small community and AMCO has been here for a long time, so we’re thrilled to have them be a part of this. When you see a pink disc in a field, you’ll know it’s for breast cancer!”

If you would like more information on ordering the toughest tillage tools on the market in pink, you can contact AMCO at 800-748-9022 or email More information on AMCO’s product lineup can be found at